Kortivity Featured in the Austin Business Journal: An alternative to CRM Software Designed for Recruiters

Kortivity is excited to be featured in the March issue of the Austin Business Journal as the software newcomer looking to capture a small piece of the customer relationship management (CRM) sector. The article introduces you to our leadership team, Jason Burns and John Vezina and offers a good synopsis of our go-to-market strategy.

If you’ve stumbled across this post and aren’t familiar with Kortivity, it is a recruitment management software designed specifically for recruiting firms. Many recruiting firms that invest in CRM technology to manage their client and candidate interactions find that it is outdated, geared more towards sales teams and not user-friendly for smaller organizations.

As stated in the AJB article, Kortivity is an alternative to CRM technology. It’s the only fully integrated recruitment management software on the market today enabling your sourcers, recruiters, account managers, clients, and management teams to collaborate seamlessly.

Bottom line, Kortivity enables recruiters to do what they do best – drive revenue. As Kortivity customer, Jeremy, VP of Recruitment Operations, put it, “Without Kortivity, I would have to double my in-house recruiting staff to manage and service the volume of roles from our clients.”

As Burns told the ABJ, “Everything we do is to make the recruiter’s life easier.”
Read the full ABJ article here. To learn more about Kortivity, visit us at www.kortivity.com

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