KORTIVITY helps companies learn how to educate and empower their clients to solve problems.
KORTIVITY helps companies learn how to educate and empower their clients to solve problems.

We are looking for people with key characteristics. Are you:


Can you think your way out of almost any problem?


Can you find creative solutions to help customers?


Are you always driven to create better work?

When you join our team, you’re signing up to change the world:

97% of people are not ready to buy today. 80% of people forget about a brand after three days.
Small business owners are overwhelmed with so many tactical activities that their clients forget how they help and that they exist. They loose countless deals every year because their clients don’t know who to turn to when they face problems. These small businesses are so focussed on their own problems that they forget to add value to relationships with past and future clients and instead ask their clients to help them grow their business.
KORTIVITY is a turnkey lead management solution that solves two key problems for our customers:
  1. Most people don’t know who they are or how they help them succeed.
  2. Those that do know them likely forget about them when they need their help.
We save our customers tens of thousands of dollars every year on their messaging and email marketing. We also provide educational content to help everyone avoid spending unnecessarily with us and traditional marketing agencies for services such as email marketing, SEO, social media, and other marketing initiatives.

Everybody at KORTIVITY is very disciplined at

Being Relentlessly Optimistic

We all have a positive outlook and see everything as an opportunity.

The Customer Experience

We obsess about our customer’s experience – every interaction is an opportunity to delight.

Finishing Our Work

We do not quit until a project is complete and feels magical to our customers.

Every company has the potential to be great. But in order to accomplish great things we need great people.

We help small to medium sized businesses by providing a turn-key growth marketing solution that keeps their brand top of mind with the people that will grow their business, ensuring that they are not forgotten by their past and prospective clients when they need and are willing to pay for their help.
If you are smart, creative, and driven, and want to join our mission, reach out to us today.