3 Ways to Build Trust With Potential Candidates

Successful relationships are built on trust.  And when it comes to attracting – and landing – ideal candidates, trust will make or break the deal.

So how do you cultivate trust with potential candidates? Let’s look at three easy ways you can establish trust and start building relationships.

Employees Are Not Customers

In-demand candidates have read more than their share of roles and responsibilities on job boards. They’ve checked out the ‘about us’ page for your client’s company. And they’ve seen the stock photos of smiling faces representing the company’s culture. In other words, they know the company’s ‘brand.’ And that’s great if your goal is to make a sale. But you aren’t selling; you’re attracting. Remember, a successful sales/marketing approach is built around appealing to customers, not potential employees.

By providing candidates with a comprehensive understanding of your client’s culture, along with the job spec, the candidate will be better able to see themselves in the environment. And the best way to share the company culture is by providing real-people stories. If your client doesn’t have a video testimonial on their site, look for other video components or social media shout-outs to illustrate the authenticity of their corporate culture. “Show, don’t tell” remains the most effect way to develop trust. By doing so, you aren’t telling them they’re a good fit, they can see if for themselves.

Show You Value the Candidate

Have you ever gone into a shop with the intention of making a purchase, only to be put off by pushy, insincere sales staff? Were their answers to your questions too one-size-fits-all? Did they sound like a recording? How did that make you feel? Did you feel valued?

Now, imagine how a candidate feels when they ask a question, and you give them the same answer you provided to the previous ten applicants. Yes, you’ve heard the same question from everyone who’s sat opposite your desk today. And of course, it can be easy to slide into an automatic response. But for your candidate, that question is a crucial part of their decision-making process.

Get ahead of issues that keep cropping up during the recruiting process. A well-crafted FAQ sheet can be a great handout and takeaway for potential employees. It addresses fundamental questions and saves you having to repeat the same thing over and over. From here, you can tackle any new questions posed with enthusiasm and specificity. You’ll let the candidate know you think along the same lines as they do, by providing basic answers. It’s a little thing that goes a long way to help them feel valued, and that builds trust!

Follow Up

Too often candidates feel lost after their initial interview. That unknown what-happens-next sensation can shake their confidence in you, and in the recruiting process. Keep your candidate up-to-date with the entire process and provide realistic timelines of when they can expect a decision.

A quick personalized message will help the lines of communication remain open while building rapport and trust.

Building trust is vital to maintaining an extensive list of talented, engaged candidates. The relationships you’re forging today will be beneficial for years to come.

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