5 Ways to Spruce up your Job Ad

5 Ways to Spruce up your Job Ad

It’s your job as a recruiter to attract and deliver top-tier talent to your clients. However,  your job ad is not attracting the kind of candidates  you’ve promised your client, and you’re having to work overtime to source them and “sell” the job. Shouldn’t your job ad sell the job?

Yes, it should, but it’s easier said than done. Last year, 83 percent of respondents in MRINetwork’s “Recruiter Sentiment Study” said the job market was heavily candidate-driven. This means if your ad isn’t pretty amazing, the best candidates will move on to an ad that looks as amazing as they are. There are dozens of different methods – both humorous and serious –  for creating job ads that stands out, but below are 5 easy ways you can turn a lack-luster job ad into your best sourcing tool.

  1. Be Quick and to the Point

Do you want to read through a long and boring cover letter or resume to search for information that tells you if the candidate is qualified for the position? Job seekers are the same. They’ll spend an average of 77 seconds looking at your ad (if they are interested). Make those seconds count by telling people what’s awesome about the job and why they should want it. Avoid long company descriptions, lists of responsibilities and generic qualifications (self starter, go getter, etc).

  1. Make it Search Friendly

Keep your job title basic and search friendly. If you’re hiring a Finance Manager, call it a Finance Manager. Don’t complicate it by saying “Vice President of Cash Flow Enhancement”.  Remember that job seekers will search using pretty generic terms—Account Manager, Brand Manager, Web Designer—so if your job title is too creative or uncommon, it may not appear in their search. Yes, your job ad should be creative and original, but the job title isn’t the place for it. Being too clever here limits your audience and makes it hard to find you.

  1. Add a Contact E-mail

Not listing a contact e-mail says you really have no desire to speak to anyone unless they are the absolute perfect fit and everyone else can buzz off. It creates an unfriendly tone and gives you and your client a stand-offish vibe. Additionally, you could be missing out on the opportunity build your talent pool and gain referrals. It doesn’t have to be your personal email, you could simply have a statement at the end that says: If you have any questions about the role or company please email wilecoyote@acme.com. You may get some time-wasters, but you’ll also get some genuine inquiries from qualified candidates that don’t feel comfortable applying for the job/submitting their resume and maybe even some referrals.

  1. Showcase the Company’s Culture

Regardless of who you’re targeting, culture matters. Candidates should be able to visualize themselves working at the company in the role you’re describing. Showcase what’s unique about your client’s company culture and what employees love about working there. The more honestly and effectively you can communicate culture, the more “good-fit” candidates you’ll attract.

  1. Utilize Video

If pictures are worth 1000 words, videos are worth 1,000,000 words. Many job sites now include a video linking option for job ads. What better way to show off  your job than a behind-the-scenes video where the viewer can meet some team members, see inside the office, and get a better feel for what the company is all about? Ongig’s, a video hosting platform, recently published a study which revealed that candidates spent more than triple the time viewing a video job ad than they do viewing a text job ad. Plus, job postings with video icons are viewed 12% more than postings without videos.

These 5 tips will not only attract more candidates for the job you’re hiring for, you’ll build a reputation as a recruiter, who recruits for interesting positions with desirable companies. Your following and talent pool will start to grow and when you post a job, candidates will pay attention. Pretty major results for some minor changes to your job ads.

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