Tips to Make You an Even Better Recruiter While Working Less

What if I told you that you could become an even better recruiter while working less?

It’s true. Becoming a better recruiter doesn’t mean you have to work longer hours. By making a few easy changes to your recruiting routines you can up your recruiting game and work fewer hours each week.

Build a Better Watch List

You know your industry better than anyone else, so trust your hunches. If you expect growth in a particular sector or perhaps even a specific job, starting building your watch list. By cultivating a talent pool of potential candidates, you’ll not only have access to capable prospects, you’ll be able be speed your recruitment time by getting some of the initial screening done before a specific opportunity opens up.

Employees as Assistant Recruiters

Did you successfully place a candidate at a larger company? Since family and friends of candidates are frequently good fits for similar openings, you’ll broaden your talent pool by keeping in touch with happy customers.

Define the Job (Not the Person)

Too often job descriptions focus on the ideal person for the job, rather than defining the full scope of the role. Ask the hiring manager to give you five clearly defined performance objectives the new hire will need to accomplish in order to be successful. That list will save you countless hours trying to translate generic competencies and lists into actual job requirements.

Successful Recruiters Use Data

Seventy-five percent of recruiters don’t use data. That means 75 percent of your competition isn’t using the one tool that can build talent pools faster and more effectively than anything else.

Using the data that is currently available to you means you can increase your on-the-job efficiency and speed up the hiring process. Market survey data allows you to easily identify the best and the largest areas and enables you to better advise hiring managers on job criteria. Making informed decisions will always put you a step ahead of your nearest competitor.

But the best thing about using data is that it’s easy. In fact, in many cases, it’s automated. Once you get things set up, you’ll spend only a few minutes doing what used to take your hours to complete before.

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