How Can You Stay On Top of All These Relationships?

How Can You Say On Top of All These Relationships

In the staffing and recruitment industry, you make new connections each day. This is great, of course, because relationships are the lifeblood of your business. The challenge is how to manage and grow these varied relationships that your firm depends on to thrive. How can you stay on top of all these connections and make sure that everyone gets the personalized attention they deserve?

For staffing professionals, relationship networks are varied, including any of the following and more:

  • New applicants
  • Employers
  • Current associates
  • Internal team
  • Vendor partners
  • Association contacts
  • Community leaders

How can you possibly give these varied contacts the attention required to grow and maintain your relationships?

Be a Resource

Everyone wants to have a friend in the business. Show your network that you’re a thought leader and more –- you’re someone they can reach out to with questions or when they need advice. You can achieve this through blogging, speaking engagements and by providing valuable content on your website and via inbound marketing.

Leverage Social media

While no replacement for one-on-one contact, social media can be a valuable resource for staying top of mind in all of your relationships. Share job postings as they arise to intrigue job seekers in your network and post your top talent or management tips to engage employers. Keep an eye out for press releases, promotions or other big news and congratulate or comment so they see that you are paying attention to them.

Make the Most of your CRM

A contact management system can help to ensure that no one in your network falls through the cracks. Schedule regular follow ups and track responses to know which relationships should be pursued and which you can let go of. By keeping your contacts in one place you won’t have to scramble for post-its or try to remember which app you put that critical phone number in.

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