How Can You Use Analytics to Drive More (and Better) Placements?

Successful recruiters are matchmakers, blending sales skills with people skills to make both employers and job seekers happy.

Shouldn’t they be able to have more than luck to go on?

At the end of the day, recruitment is a numbers game. The right data can help you figure out what’s working and what’s not. Once you harness the power of data, you can use analytics to drive not just more placements, but better placements.

Good recruiters attract the right candidates and sell them on the company they’re currently working with. Data analytics can streamline that process.

Digital Edge

Recruiting in the digital age means access to valuable analytics that can make your job easier and improve your placement ratio. By leveraging your data, you can learn which recruiting efforts are the most (and least) effective and adjust your recruiting strategy accordingly.

Job Board

Think you’re getting the most out of your job board? Without tracking the data, there’s no way to really know. Analysis of your job board data can tell you:

  • Are you attracting the right kind of candidates?
  • Are people abandoning your application without completing it?
  • How are people finding your opportunities?
  • What kinds of posts attract the most (and best quality) candidates?

Leverage your job board data to create job descriptions that attract the right people, simplify your application to make it easier for people to apply and build a pipeline of highly qualified talent. This will make you a true resource for employers.

Social Media

Social media can offer a broad reach for little to no expense.

  • Are the vacancies you’re posting on your job board going unnoticed, with little to no fanfare?
  • Are you finding great referrals from a LinkedIn or Facebook group you recently joined?

By reviewing which platforms are attracting the best audience you can bring in candidates more quickly, and that means faster placements.

Catalog Recruiting Channels

If you’re diligent in tracking your recruiting channels, you can prioritize options for finding candidates when a new job order comes in, saving time and energy. Tracking candidate source and quality will not only help you fill your client’s current vacancy, you’ll also stay well ahead of the competition – increasing the chance of repeat business

Data doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, once you put data to work you’ll be surprised by how streamlined the process becomes. Analytics can provide vital information to help you bring in better candidates, grow your talent pool, find passive candidates and make successful placements faster.

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