Nurture Marketing Tips That Make Life Easier for You

Every recruiter knows that staying in front of prospects is vital to success. But how do you successfully:

  • provide pertinent, useful content that is consistently based on the behavior of your ideal demographics;
  • monitor message ‘flow’;
  • maintain a relevant conversation by adapting your responses based on how your prospect responds (or doesn’t respond) to a specific communication:

and still do everything else you need to do today?

Start by Getting Started

What many view as the simplest nurturing marketing tip can be the most intimidating. It’s also the one thing that will generate your most tangible results. Getting started.

Your nurture marketing plan doesn’t have to be perfect from day one, so don’t get caught up in the need to incorporate every suggestion you’ve ever heard from the very start. There’s a reason most people start with a basic drip campaign and add complexity later on; it works. So think big, but start small.

Collect Relevant Data

Collecting relevant data — age, location, interests — is important. But you’ll benefit from gathering the information slowly, rather than going all out to gather at once. Doing it that way you risk turning prospects away. Instead, take advantage a progressive profiling to collect that information gradually. By establishing a prioritized list of questions to ask your prospect, continuous web builder forms are an easy way to get the information you need. Web-tracking tools can also help you capture customer behaviors.

Create Dynamic Data-Based Content

Once you know a little more about your prospects, you can capitalize on that data by creating dynamic content based on the answers to the question you’ve already asked. After that, it’s time to focus on web-browsing behaviors. Guides and case-studies are easy ways to incorporate the demographic-specific data collected and build your authority in the eyes of your prospects.

The Best Results Come From the Best Investment

Taking the time to learn the subtleties of nurture marketing can mean taking time away from making sales and filling vacancies. But thankfully, automation provides an easy way to make your life easier and provide a personal touch to prospects and clients. The ability to cultivate prospect-specific messaging helps to establish trust and build relationships. Today’s marketing automation tools offer a broad range of options that cater to prospects, many times predicting what they’ll need before they realize they need it.

Marketing automation makes you more human in the eyes of your candidates and prospects. And there’s nothing more valuable when it comes to nurture relationships that last.

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